The Impact

The funds raised through Bailey’s Day have helped to dramatically improve the Monash Children’s Hospital cancer treatment offering, especially through the annual funding for the Oncology Bailey’s Day Fellow.

Changing the Lives of Children Battling Cancer

Over the past 20 years, thanks to all the support and generosity from the community, Bailey’s Day has raised over $4.85 million, the funds helping to support many much-needed cancer services and treatment methods at the Monash Children’s Hospital, including important research programs into brain tumours and solid tumours to help find a cure for brain cancer.

What the Funds Have Achieved

At the heart of it all, the funding has enabled the vital training of 21 specialist oncologists through the annual Bailey’s Day Fellow program. Bailey’s Day Fellows complete their clinical time at Monash Children’s Hospital and can then potentially complete further scholarships and training in either clinical or laboratory research. These funds have also meant that paediatric oncology unit has been able to grow from a single oncologist to a thriving multi-disciplinary team of over 25 experts, including oncologists, specialist nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, psychologists, social workers, child life therapists and researchers.

The unit now treats around 75 children every year, every day of the week.

All-Time Total Raised:

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